Urban Planning / Security Solutions

Composed of mobile parts that by means of the magnetic drive achieve the coupling for the insertion and extraction in the places where it is required

Theft of Equipment / Security Solutions

Our patented systems are inserted in the covers of the poles, and contain sensitive material that should not be handled by people who are unrelated to the maintenance of public lighting.

Currently, with the increase in the price of copper, some countries in South America suffer the theft of power lines and the main access to these ones is the lighting poles.

From the above derives the importance of the provision of our closure systems. In order to greatly reduce the significant loss of materials and goods, we have created three product ranges:

Magnetic mobile head locks
Bolt-seal or Nut-seal type closures

Our products are not conventional screws because they have a special operation where the head turns independently from the body until the special key is inserted; with this the drive is similar to any standard screw.

The only exception to this operation is the bolt-seal closure, which is inserted with a special key as if it were a screw exerting a maximum torque to its head that rotates on the body without separating itself.

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