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Theft of Equipment / Security Solutions

Currently, the telecommunications sector is one of the most affected segments by vandalism and criminal acts, which is why the companies in this sector all over the world are making significant investments in order to solve non-authorized access problems to terminals and equipment.

Our designs are used for the physical protection of technical communication systems, and to restrict the manipulation of equipment and installations avoiding in this way:

> Unauthorized use of communication services (telephone, data and fiber optic networks)

> Telephone fraud (by interception or intervention of lines of other users).
> The theft of objects and vandalism in the facilities and equipment of companies.

Our products have the advantage of varying their shape which allows zoning or delimiting those places to differentiate their use.

They also have an additional feature.  Their patented internal operation means that they cannot be used with keys with the same physical form opening or closing only with those that activate its internal functioning.

This technology allows us to provide a higher degree of security, compared to those of our competitors who base their security on a physical alteration in the form of their products.


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