Electricity / Precinct Systems

Designed to block and evidence the theft, once placed in a box, hardware or whatever the place used, the only way to remove them is through destruction

Theft of Equipment / Security Solutions

In this segment, the products are designed to protect the access of unauthorized persons to installations or equipment, commonly housed in cabinets or boxes, which generally contain electrical meters among other components.

The additional advantage of our products is to provide the maximum protection available in the market against the manipulation, theft, or theft of equipment and installations.

Our exclusive designs have been tested intensively in the sector over the years, making adaptations that allow subjecting them to the most extreme climatic conditions, such as, humidity (in places near the sea), freezing (snow, ice), among others.

The products presented here have a very high degree of security since they can be manufactured by varying their form of embedding.

To determine work sectors adding its patented internal operation means that it can only be manufactured by our company.

This is what really provides security. Most of the companies that offer this type of products only alter their external form so these can be manufactured by anyone, marketed in hardware or supermarkets with massive access.

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